Saturday, 19 October 2013

Where to Seek Legal Advice

Many of us will need legal aid regarding the law and legal matters at one point in our lives. Everyday there are individuals who are seeking for legal advice regarding their real estate properties, their benefits, or with their last will and testament.
You can get legal advice from a variety of sources. It does not mean that when you need help on legal matters, you will automatically go to a solicitor.  There are many places aside from solicitor firms that can give you legal advice, and many of these areas will provide you with legal support or advice far cheaper when compared to the rates of private solicitors.
 Where you can get legal advice will depend on the nature of the issue that you want to seek help on. There are organizations and centres in the UK that will offer advice on general matters. These organizations include independent advice agencies, law centres, Age UKs, and the Citizens Advice Bureaux. Some of these organizations and agencies will give you initial advice regarding your case while some will go as far as representing your case in court.

Aside from these advice centres, there are also a variety of different places where you can go to ask for free or cheap legal advice.

If you are a member of the trade union, you can ask for legal advice from them. The trade union will give you advice regarding legal matters that are not only about employment issues. Contact the trade union to find out the extent of the legal advice that they offer.

There are also many insurance companies and banks that will offer you with legal advice if you availed their service. Read the terms and conditions of your insurance company or your bank account to see if you would qualify to ask for legal advice from the said institutions.


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